Rare fruit and its magical benefits


According to the research, there are numerous medical and health benefits of Kudampuli.


Kudampuli is a rare fruit that is majorly found in the moist forests of Southeast Asian countries. Moreover, this magical fruit is also grown in India but only in a few places, such as Kerala and Karnataka.

This rare magical fruit is commonly used for its vibrant flavors in the process of cooking. While preparing food, numerous people add this Kudampuli fruit in their recipe for its distinctive flavors. Majorly the taste of Kudampuli is added to enhance the flavors of Kerala cuisines such as Fish curry and many other kinds of seafood.

Moreover, this fruit does not take too long to release its flavors. In fact, just 5 to 8 minutes of cooking on medium flame are more than enough to make your dish spicy with some sour flavor.

The Kudampuli is also popular as many other names in various different places of the world. For instance, in Kerala, it is famous as Kerala tamarind or Malabar. However, the scientific name of this fruit is Garcinia cambogia. According to recent research reports, the Kudampuli is not only used for its variant flavors but is also immensely popular for its various medical benefits.

For instance, the presence of Hydroxycitric acid in this magical fruit helps the body to stop the production of fat cells in the body. The enzyme that is popularly known as Citrate lyase develops the fat cells; however, the HCA blocks this enzyme and controls the development of fat cells.

Side Effects

As every ingredient has its pros and cons, the incredibly beneficial Kudampuli has some side effects as well. However, these side effects can be entirely avoided by taking proper advice and supervision from a doctor or physician.


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